Advanced service:

Supply timely and perfect support on skill and business.

Going to review the locale of the customer and do professional design according to the desire of the customer.


Mid service:

Supply whole set of the technical documents (manual of use and repair, national standard concerned, etc)

Support professors to the customer to help installation and testing, admit finish training at least 2 persons to be able to use it.


After service:

Pay return visit periodically, listen to the advices of the customers and set up a service record for them.

Supply technical support and using instruction lifelong. Once you call the service line of my company 0086-29-81777537, send the question to our service Email box, we will contact with you at the highest speed.

We admit that we will give the customers the feedback within 1 hour once we receive the call and also send the service engineers concerned to the locale to solve the problem within 24 hours.(except the special circumstance such as statutory holidays)

We supply the product and the service of higher quality than the customer's expect to make them be satisfied with us.

We start from the needs of the customers and act with great efficiency and speed in all aspects in order to offer the product on time.

We try our best to improve, to innovate, to make the quality control system run efficiently.

We, the team, supply ourselves together to set up a closer relationship with the customers.

Online Service